This is NOT an official Becker or Mercedes-Benz website. These pages were created merely to try to put into one place much of the information about many of the models of Becker radios that have been used in the past models of Mercedes automobiles.

This information and data contained herein on Becker OE radios, as used in Mercedes-Benz automobiles, has been gleaned from various sources over a period of time. To the best of my knowledge, it is accurate, but I make no claims. However, if you discover inaccuracies, please contact me: drmemory at

I have no affiliation with HarmanBecker or Becker of North America. I do not perform service on Becker equipment. This web site is only for informational purposes.

See Becker of North America for genuine service and more info. They provide expert, quick and reasonably priced repairs to most models of Becker radios.

Note that the model year dates (in parentheses) are approximate. Actual radios may have been phased in or out in adjoining model years by Mercedes.

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