Used in the 1988 and 1989 Mercedes.

Single-piece unit electronic AM, AM Stereo, and FM radio with automatic seek and scan tuning and cassette player (with CrO2/Metal tape switch and Dolby B/C Noise Reduction), 2 x 25 watt power and with anti-theft. Cassette is automatically drawn in and ejected.

The model BE 780 radio, installed from 1988-1989, does not have a numerical CODE (like the later models), but it does have a theft deterrent system hooked into the car alarm system.

It also does not have an internal lithium battery, like the earlier models (no Becker radio has a battery, from 1988 and on).

If you get the four dashes (----) across the radio display, it must be one of two things: an internal fault, or, it was removed from the vehicle while the anti-theft circuitry was armed (that is, the radio thought is was being stolen and "worked" perfectly).

In either case, the radio needs to go back to Becker to be fixed (although a MB Dealer may be able to help in the anti-theft situation). 

Becker can also disarm the anti-theft device permanently at the same time.

Can be modified by Becker with an auxiliary input to accept an MP3 or iPod.

002 820 38 86
002 840 38 86
See Operation Guide.
Becker Grand Prix Electronic
   Model BE 780
See Wiring Diagram.