Used in the 2000-2002 E-Class.

If a CD changer is installed, it can be operated from the front control panel of the radio. A loaded magazine must be installed for CD playing.

Various functions of the Mercedes-Benz integrated cellular telephone can be performed and displayed via the car radio.

  This unit has 5 digit code. Enter the 5 digits and press the OK button. The unit will automatically unlock. If you enter the code and it does not unlock, do not enter again.

  If the unit is in WAIT, it means you have entered the wrong code.

  Leave the ignition on for 15 minutes or 24 hours (depending in how many times the wrong code was entered).

  Once the unit returns to CODE, you can contact Becker if you need to get the proper CODE.
See Owner's Manual.
Becker Model BE 6003