Adding an MP3/iPod connection
   to a Becker Europa II Stereo
I preferred to make my own. After some research and help from a few others,  I came up with the following wiring.
The following picture shows where it plugs into the radio, you remove the white plug.
This picture shows the MP3 player connected.
by Doug Quance

This process will allow an MP3 or iPod to provide audio that will play through the Becker Europa II Stereo.

Becker, some 40 to 50 years ago added the ability to connect a cassette player. You control the volume and tone from the Becker. I found that the MP3/iPod should be turned to maximum volume. When you unplug the cable from the MP3/iPod, the Becker acts normally.

You need to either acquire a commercial unit or build your own. The commercial units look like this:
I was only able to locate a 5 pin din plug for the radio socket, but it had the required pins, 1 thru 5.

This shows the type of plug I used.  This picture is of a 7-pin, but a 5-pin works as well.
You will notice 2 jumpers inside the white plug.

They connect the left and right channels output from the tuner to the audio amplifier inputs.

One reason I preferred to make my own (besides being cheap) is that I wanted no visible remnants of the connection when not in use.

Below is my console in normal mode.

The car is a 1974 Mercedes 280C.
Note: There is NO need for any resistors or capacitors to be connected between the Becker and the MP3/iPod.  Also you do not have to de-tune the radio.

Doug Quance