Becker980install.pdf Instructions from Becker
Becker Silverstone
   Model 980 (2630) 10-disc
Mounted in the trunk, 10-disc CD-Changer. A Sony mechanism and magazine. This changer works with the Becker 1432 unit used in 1991-1993 Mercedes Models W/C126, W/C124, W201, and R129.

  10 CDs
  Track Filter
  Silicone Shock Suspension
  Direct CD Selection
  Track Search
  Direct Title Selection
  Random Play
  Elapsed Time Display
  Total Time/Track Display
  Track Scanning
  Last Address Memory
  1-Bit D/A Converter
  8x Oversampling
  Frequency Response (+/- 1dB) 5-20,000Hz
  Signal to Noise Ratio 95dB
  Dimensions 12" x 3.5" x 7"
  Weight 5.8 lbs