Becker Silverstone
   Model 2662 6-disc
6-Disc CD Changer with Optical DataBus

Released 1998; discontinued November 2002.

The Becker Silverstone 2662 Six-CD Changer was designed to integrate with the Mercedes-Benz Audio 10 & Audio 30 Command Radio units. It links direct into the fibre-optic connection; with an adapter if the factory loom is already fitted; or with its own full length cable.

  6 CDs
  Track Filter
  Silicone Shock Suspension
  Direct CD Selection
  Track Search
  Direct Title Selection
  Random Play
  Elapsed Time Display
  Total Time/Track Display
  Track Scanning
  Last Address Memory
  1-Bit D/A Converter
  8x Oversampling
  Frequency Response (+/- 1dB) 5-20,000Hz
  Signal to Noise Ratio >96dB
  Dimensions 9 7/16" x 2 11/16" x 7 11/16"
  Weight 4.63 lbs.