Welcome to the home of the world's largest e-mail-based discussion forum for all things Mercedes-Benz!

The forum was first launched in January, 1998 by Stu Ritter of Denver, Colorado and Dr. Richard Easley of Waco, Texas. It now includes over 1000 members from all over the world ranging from individuals who would like to buy a Mercedes-Benz automobile to people at very high levels of Mercedes-Benz product knowledge.

Stu Ritter is well-known worldwide for his experience and expertise in the repair and maintenance of Mercedes-Benz automobiles. He is the former Technical Editor of The Star (the Mercedes-Benz Club of America's award-winning club magazine) and author of the E-Class Owners Bible published by Robert Bentley Publishers, Inc. Stu was an active Mercedes-Benz technician for 30 years and owned an independent Mercedes-Benz repair facility in Denver, Colorado.

In addition to Stu's far-ranging expertise with Mercedes-Benz automobiles, many other respected professionals are regular contributors to our list. They include Frank Barrett, former editor of The Star, and a number of shop owners, parts and accessories suppliers, and technicians who are well-known throughout Mercedes-Benz circles.

If you are a current subscriber to the list, be sure to visit the Mercedes Archives. Our fully-searchable archives contain a wealth of technical information, and include all postings made to the list from its inception in January 1998 to the present. (The current archive is available only to list members.)