1. This is a closed list. Only subscribers can post to the list. The correct address for mailing postings to the list is 'mercedes@lists.mercedeslist.com', or the simpler 'mercedes@mercedeslist.com' alias.

Only mail sent from subscribed accounts will be posted. Your posting e-mail address (myaddress@myhost.name) must be the address you used to subscribe to the list. If in question, review the headers of the e-mail you receive and make sure you are using that address. Mail from all other addresses is automatically discarded.

Items posted to the list are for use of the membership only, and should not be copied for use elsewhere without the express consent of the author.

2. Maintain the family ambiance. "Keep it clean and polite" is the order of the day when posting. We want list members to be able to show messages from this list to anybody. Our desire is that your husband/wife, daughter, son, mother, or father will be able to read any of the messages and not be embarrassed by the content. The conversational atmosphere should be one of a polite family dinner table where small children are present.

3. Discussion is not limited to MB vehicles, although that is obviously the primary list topic. If a member has a newborn, is fired, is sick, goes on vacation, reads a poem or just had a wonderful foggy drive to work, we would all like to know about it. We are real people living real lives, and part of what makes this list special is the freedom to share these things with others. Over the years, many listers have met and socialized at MBCA (Mercedes-Benz Club of America) and other auto-related events, and on other occasions, including "listfest" gatherings at places like Santa Fe.

4. This list is non-commercial. We do not allow use of the list for business or for-profit activities, including the buying and selling of automobiles, parts, and services. Individual listers, however, may post for-sale or wanted-to-buy posts for items for their individual use. This includes one-time garage sales of items that are surplus to their needs, as often happens after selling the vehicle for which they were acquired. Repeated or perpetual "garage sales" or similar activities are considered "commercial" and are prohibited.

5. "Spamming" of either the list or individual members is prohibited. Our members do not want to receive unsolicited e-mails with "have I got a deal for you!" offers of Bilstein shock absorbers or other items. Harvesting of list addresses for such purposes in an attempt to "go underground" to dodge list rules will be treated as equivalent to list posting activity.

6. Off-list conduct between members. In general, list rules apply to private e-mails sent by listers to other listers. The moderators encourage friendly e-mail contacts, but will take action if notified with evidence that e-mail is being used in a harrassing or annoying manner.

7. Use the Mailman list software resources to manage your account. You should familiarize yourself with the user options in Mailman, accessed through the main list web page, using your mail address and the password that is mailed to you. Please don't e-mail the moderators with requests to do things that you can and should do yourself. Personalized links to the "self-serve" Mailman pages to administer your account (change or remind you of your passwords, stop mail delivery temporarily, unsubscribe, etc.) are found at the very bottom of every email you receive from the list. Please use them!

8. Digest replies. Listers receiving postings in digest form need to format any responses to digest articles properly. Improperly-formatted digest responses are trapped by the Mailman software and returned to the sender; they will not be posted to the list.

9. Use appropriate subject lines. Please make sure that the subject lines for your posts clearly reflect the topic of the post. When responding to a topic, change the subject line if your response is not relevant to the original subject.

10. Reserved subject line words. The Mailman software is set up to trap several words in subject lines that should appear on the list only with moderator approval. Significant among these are:

11. Moderation policies and practices. The foregoing rules reflect considerable experience over many years. Most moderator actions are handled offlist, without posting any comments to the list. The moderators read all postings, and coordinate all moderation actions closely.

These rules are necessarily general. In specific cases where the moderators feel that a discussion thread has gone awry, we will issue an 'ADMIN/Please Read' post dealing with the specifics. Also, there have been a few cases where the list's best interests were not served by a strict application of the rules, and the moderators have posted indicating the limits to be applied to the particular thread.

The moderators also participate in list discussions, and it should be understood that unless we are specific, our comments are as list participants, whether we agree or disagree with aspects of the discussion thread.

Mercedes-Benz Email Discussion List Rules